Get Started

Installing OOMetrics needs WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on your website.

Via WordPress Plugins

  • Navigate to WP Dashboard > Plugin > Add New
  • Search for OOMetrics
  • Click Install
  • Then Activate

Manual Installation

  • Donwload plugin first: Download OOMetrics
  • Unzip downloaded file: oometrics(x.x.x).zip
  • In your host, go to plugins directory: ~/wp-content/plugins
  • Upload extracted folder and its content to your host using FTP
  • In WP Dashboard > Plugins you will see OOMetrics, Click on Activate.

Settings First

There are options in settings that is self explainatory, but these are important:

  • Main User: The main admin user and chat receiver.
  • Enable Chat: Whether to show chat icon on front-end
  • Session lifetime: How many seconds to keep a session alive. It is recommended that server session lifetime matches this number (1440 is common in servers)
  • Privacy: Consent message of tracking

Three Connected Panels

Everything happens in main dashboard page and three connected panels

  • Left Panel [Sessions]: All the active users will show up here, on top, you will see last 24 hours summary. By clicking on any session two other panels will be activated.
  • Middle One: Session details will show here. Customer activity, Digital info, Shopping profile and cart content and actions are here too
  • Right Panel: The great one! You can pop a chat or push discounts, coupons or pop ups remotely to selected session.

OOMetrics Dashboard


This time you can interact! “Push” means a new state which you set for specific customer and specific product, ONLY the customer selected will see changes!

  • Sales Prices: Push new discount on any product for any customer remotely and right away
  • Coupons: Apply coupons on customer’s cart remotely. Define new WooCommerce coupon then select to push it
  • Pop Ups: When you watch the customer reading your blog, you can choose and send pop ups that you like. Delivery and click rate will be calculated
  • Manipulate Cart: You can remotely change sessions cart. Add / delete / or edit cart items. Be sure that customer won’t panick!

Reports page

Everything happened, is stored in database. You can look back and analyze.

  • Sessions History: You can list all sessions by time period and click any session for more details.
  • Statistics: Here you can see statistic of all activities, pushes, delivery and click rate in % format
  • Conversation: Insight panel will show all the conversations with the session.
OOMetrics Report Page

We will make it better every day, so …

Thank You!