Sessions Are Everything, They have Values!

OOMetrics will calculate the values and you can count on them!


Know your customers activities and offer them instantly! not like Google Analytics boring style! OOMetrics will track your customers activities and counts the session value. activities such as landed, visited and added to cart have different values!

Push to any Session

Wierd and New Feature! You can push Discounts, Coupons, Popups to specific session! No body else will see these changes! Push will be available for each session INDIVIDUALLY!


OOMetrics will provide the session digital info, connection request info and the customer history! You can watch your customers cart or even edit the items! Items purchased and items in the cart is available on the dashboard!


All the features will be reported base on your time period
Of course we will analyze your session, push and popup success/click rate!

Accuracy is off the roof!

We said sessions are everything! So we considered everything to acheive this!
Most of the tracking is done by server requests, but we have a client side Javascript Smart Tracker which reacts to every window/tab change! Generally OOmetrics will react to Bots/Crawlers and some WP filteration!

All in One!

If you need to watch, communicate and offer simultaneously, you can!
OOMetrics dashboard will provide these features all together, you can watch live sessions with the details, by clicking on the session the magic can start!


You can set your custom options or optimize OOMetrics for your website.

This is just the begining!

We have lots of ideas and features ready! We know you got used to Google Analytics, but this can change 🙂
Download your own monster right now!