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Beyond WooCommerce Analytics – Now Interact and change everything, live and per customer!

WordPress is amazing. WooCommerce is too! so we need to make it better in order to achieve at least a good shopping experience. The platforms mentioned provided everything e-commerce related but how about analytics and interactions; If we watch the user behavior, can we do something!?

We are introducing OOMetrics, a WooCoomerce Analytics Plugin which is completely free and open source and has Analytics, CRM and Chat all in one!

Interactions is possible

Imaging you are (or your operator) watching your traffic live; I know you may have hundreds of hundreds users online but OOMetrics has a solution for it which be explained later (session values)! Imagine a customer is looking for leather wallets, he/she is adding them to cart and removing it later then adds another, then visits another leather wallet and the same:

  • Is he/she is looking for leather wallets?
  • Is the price as issue?
  • Why he/she is not checking our “pure leather bags” tags
  • Why is he doing it?
  • Is she just browsing or not and why she is adding to cart
  • Why is removing it

OK, These are just simple questions that I’m facing when using my stats on Google Analytics, but how can we answer to those?

Before we explain…

OOMetrics is live, smart and powerfull. You can view every customer activities you can pop a chat to communicate on every page or the customer can! then you can send dynamic popups, apply coupons to the cart and apply sale prices for each product or customer individually and remotely!

It is even possible to manipulate users cart content dynamically

You can try it: Download OOMetrics

Individually means, Individually!!

Most OOMetrics features can be limited to specific product or specific customer! When you send a pop up for specific session, then content will be available only for that session; Or sale prices! you can change price for specific product and for specific session! NOBODY ELSE CAN SEE THOSE CHANGES!

Sessions are everything, they have values, You can count on them!

OOMetrics is using its own session tracking system. As mentioned before, OOMterics stores every activity, but, activities can have different values: adding to cart, visiting checkout page, chat, popup clicks or … have different values. OOMetrics calculate every session by its last activity and value so it is easier to detect which session to interact!

OOMetrics Communication using Live Chat

OOMetrics Communication made possible by using Live Chat which is connected to other features. Chat can be started by customer or the admin. They can have attachments and for logged in users the will store as conversations.

Push stuff to the session and for each session individually!

What!? Push what to the session?

OK, lets define push:

In OOMetrics push is a new state which will be send to a specific session to do what is it made to do! New prices, New settings or new content; Dynamically, remotely and individually! You can define a lifetime for each push like apply for 1 hour or to the end of session! it can be canceled anytime though!

This is true and weird!

Consider the questions above and imagine you could do something about it right away. OOMetrics push system will bring:

Pop Ups! Dynamic, Remote and Per Customer One!

In OOMetrics you can build new pop ups right away or save it as template. Then you saw a behavior which can be fixed if you could do something. OOMetrics even has a shortcut for it on every live session! You can send or just write and build one right away as a pop up! In this case it is better to pop a chat 🙂

BTW, delivery and click rates will be calculated for further analytics

Push Sale Price, Specifically or Globally

This is absolutely odd! You can change product prices dynamically! Sometimes it is obvious from user activities and products he/she visited that the price is an issue and you can do something about it! so with OOMetrics, you can do it right away or apply a global sale price to whole store for this specific session only

Coupons for Cart of somebody!

Sure, when you can change prices, and send pop ups dynamically, you can apply a WooCommerce coupons for specific session!

What about Cart Content!

What about it? Of course you can add / edit / remove items from any cart you want remotely 🙂
But please use it carefully; The customer may panic.